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3 Things Every Company Needs Before Testing the Public Markets

For most startups, going public is not part of the company roadmap. It’s a far-off dream more than it is an obtainable reality. But that didn’t stop Techstars alum SendGrid from ringing the bell in November of 2017, becoming the first-ever startup accelerator graduate to break into the public markets.

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DZone Research: Keys to AI Success

The keys to a successful AI strategy are to have a well-defined business problem to solve and a sound data management program to ensure you have the data to solve the business problem. SendGrid CPO Steve Sloan shares insights.

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Experts: GDPR is live, now what?

Len Shneyder, VP of Industry Relations, SendGrid: GDPR compliance is a marathon, not a sprint. Already, we’ve seen over two billion emails processed yesterday (May 24) many of which are GDPR privacy updates, making it the second biggest mail volume day on record for SendGrid.

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