Session 1

Twilio SendGrid Email Bootcamp

What: On-Demand Webinar Video

Duration: 140 Minutes

Building an email program that is scalable, aligns with best practices, and is architecturally sound is hard. Let Twilio SendGrid lighten the load for you by attending our Email Bootcamp Webinar event, led by one of our Expert Services team members. 

Whether you’re a new client to Twilio SendGrid, an existing client who plans to add a new email stream, or a long-term customer who just needs a refresher on how to send emails out of the Twilio SendGrid platform, our comprehensive Email Webinar training class will show you how. 

Our Expert Services team will cover set-up and sending practices via our Email APIs, as well as Marketing Campaigns.


Here is a sneak-peak of what we will cover in our Email Bootcamp webinar:

  • Mail stream segmentation and account architecture best practices
  • Real-world walkthrough of how to set up and send emails via the Email APIs
  • Real-world walkthrough of how to set up and send emails via our Marketing Campaigns tool
  • Review of the Settings and Dashboards within the Twilio SendGrid Platform

Your Presenters:

Twilio SendGrid

Twilio SendGrid

Expert Services Team

The Twilio SendGrid Expert Services team will be your guide through the Email Bootcamp training sessions. Our Expert Services team are product experts, know industry best practices, and compliance standards when it comes to digital communications. This team will not only educate you on the necessary steps to get architected for sending digital communications, but also give you the “Why” behind their methods. By the end of the Bootcamp session, you will be able to say that you are power users of the Twilio SendGrid platform.

Twilio Console Bootcamp:

Twilio Console Bootcamp On-Demand Webinar

Twilio Console Bootcamp On-Demand Webinar

Learn how to start sending SMS communications and how to apply SMS best practices.

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