Communication State of the Union

Customer Engagement and Presidential Campaign Insights

What: On-Demand Webinar Video

Duration: 60 minutes

Host: Len Shneyder

Everyone wants to be the first to jump on the hottest tech trends, whether that’s hyper personalization, conversational AI, or AMP for email. Unfortunately, by the time most companies get around to it, they’re already late to the game. Don’t get lost in the moment—leap ahead of the curve with an inside look at the future of communications with Len Shneyder. No slides, no script, no shenanigans—just an insightful conversation with one of the leading minds in the email industry.

Here’s a sneak-peek of what we’re discussing:

  • Discover the future of customer engagement and how best your business can communicate with its audiences.
  • Explore new trends and learn which ones will stick and which will flop.
  • Learn why today’s presidential campaigns are missing the mark with their email outreach and how you can avoid their rookie mistakes.

Presenter Information

Len Shneyder

Len Shneyder

VP of Industry Relations, Twilio SendGrid

Len Shneyder is a 15+ year email and digital messaging veteran and the VP of Industry Relations at Twilio SendGrid. Len serves as a stewart of best practices as he drives thought leadership and data-driven insights on industry trends. Len is a member of M3AAWG (the Messaging, Malware, Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group) and also is part of the MAC (Member Advisory Committee) of the EEC (Email Experience Council).

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