The Essential Guide to Email for Ecommerce

We help ecommerce companies send billions of business-critical messages each month to recipients all over the world. To help them, and other businesses like theirs, compare their program to other senders, and improve their sending strategies, we’ve developed a guide written just for ecommerce companies.

What's inside the guide?

  • Average Sender Volume Stats - Compare your email program’s volume against other senders to see how you stack up or what you should plan for in the future.
  • Delivery Best Practices - Written specifically for ecommerce senders, our tips will help you improve your sending habits and increase your chances of getting your messages delivered to the inbox correctly.
  • Changes to Consider - If it’s been awhile since you implemented some solid changes to your email program, we’ve got some ideas for you to consider that’ll make your recipients happy.
  • Sender Spotlights - See how a handful of other ecommerce companies are leveraging SendGrid to get their email delivered and drive business.