Email Redesign: A Fresh Look at How to Create Simple, Stunning Emails

When: Tuesday, November 19th at 10am MT

Duration: 45 minutes (30 minutes of content & 15 minutes of Q&A)

Email design matters. There’s a reason that Facebook updates with images receive 2.3x more engagement and Tweets with images generate 150% more retweets than plain-text updates. If you want to create compelling emails your recipients can’t resist clicking through, email design needs to be a priority. 

But you don’t need to go out and hire an expensive designer or purchase pricey templates. No, there’s an easier, cheaper way. Join our team of email experts in our latest webinar as they walk you through the step-by-step process of designing breathtaking emails. *Spoiler: It’s not as hard as you think.

Here’s a sneak-peek of what you’ll uncover:

  • Watch and learn as Twilio SendGrid’s own email template designer (Kala Narayan) shows exactly how she creates spellbinding email designs—and how you can, too!
  • Follow along with marketing aficionado (Julie Griffin) as she reveals how you can leverage and redesign existing free email templates. Free for the win!
  • Explore the basic elements of design so that you can create swoon-worthy templates for your email program.

About Our Hosts

Julie Griffin

Julie Griffin

Julie is the content marketing associate at SendGrid, helping to write and edit the blog, as well as enhance SendGrid’s SEO efforts. When she isn’t at the office, you’ll find her buzzing around Denver’s coffee shops, breweries, and yoga studios.

Kala Narayan

Kala Narayan

Kala is a visual designer at Twilio SendGrid on the website team, working on designs such as, email templates. In her free time, she loves taking photos, hiking, exploring cafes, and traveling to countries to volunteer.

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