Email Benchmark and Engagement Study Deep Dive

When: Thursday, February 6th at 10am MT

Duration: 60 minutes (45 minutes of content & 15 minutes of Q&A)

Hosts: Warren Duff and Tom Emilio

Last month, we released our 2019 Email Benchmark and Engagement Study. It’s a beast of a report with over 15 chapters jam-packed with data and insights about how email is being sent and engaged with around the world. Now, you’ll get the chance to take a deep dive into the report and talk to the email experts near and dear to the data. 

Curious what inbox providers your German recipients are using? Want to know how often you should be emailing your subscribers? Can’t decide whether your Baby Boomer audience will appreciate a cat GIF or not? We’ll have answers to all these questions and more. 

Here’s a sneak-peek of what you’ll uncover:

  • Discover the latest email engagement benchmark data and what it means for your email program.
  • Learn the key factors that influence recipients to open and click on your messages—straight from the recipients themselves!
  • Find out what’s frustrating your recipients and how you can send them better email.
  • Bonus insights from the study that are exclusive to this webinar.
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