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The data you need to maximize the health of your email program via the channels you use most. Coming soon from SendGrid Labs.
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Monitor the health of your email program with proactive insights

Did you know you have the power to improve the deliverability of your email? Compelling content and a clean recipient list are great starting points, but Improve My Deliverability tells you how your customers are engaging with your emails so you can optimize and improve the effectiveness of your email program.

We track your delivery, open and click rates across inbox providers in an easy to read dashboard and provide tips on where you can improve.

Identify trends and understand what drives higher email engagement

Anytime significant changes in your delivered, open, or bounce rate occurs, SendGrid will alert you to diagnose the issue. The Insights dashboard will provide recommendations and empower you to improve performance.

  • Monitor your open rate or spam reports across Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and more
  • Identify the highest performing subject lines
  • Diagnose bounce or block reasons

Improve your email deliverability by making data-driven decisions with Improve My Deliverability

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