Identify My Top Segments

Instant customer segmentation to power your marketing. Coming soon from SendGrid Labs.
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Increase conversions with real-time customer segmentation

With Identify My Top Segments, you can integrate data from all touch points to paint a holistic picture of your customers. SendGrid will use that data to auto-generate segments for you in real-time (or you can define your own custom segments).

Then target your top segments with personalized marketing campaigns that will drive conversions for your business.

AI makes your segments even smarter

Using machine learning and proprietary predictive modeling, Identify My Top Segments will recommend customer segmentation strategies that will super-charge your marketing efforts.

  • Identify at-risk customers versus those with the highest intent to buy
  • Predict buyer preferences
  • Uncover communication preferences to optimize where and when you reach out to your customers


Delivering the right message at the right time to the right place starts with Identify My Top Segments

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