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Know exactly what to do to make email more effective for your business

Even if you have the time to dive into your email statistics, it’s hard to know what you should do to increase engagement with your customers based on the data alone.

With Email Insights Report, a SendGrid consultant will take an in-depth look at your email program every other week. Then, they’ll create a report with customized recommendations on how to drive more business results from email.

Your very own email deliverability expert in your corner

Whether you are a new customer, a veteran whose business is evolving, or if your email program is experiencing some inbox challenges, you can benefit from our wealth of expertise–we’ll dig into your data to surface your email wins, risks, and any areas of improvement so that you know what to focus on. We’ll also bring you the latest industry news and updates from our active participation in the email ecosystem so you can stay up-to-date on email trends.

  • Increase your visibility into performance data
  • Improve performance overtime with expert guidance
  • Drive alignment with a digestible, shareable report

Ready to get customized insights delivered right to your inbox?

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