CINC (Commissions Inc.)

SendGrid is an incredible tech solution with a dedicated team that serves as an extension of our organization. Their proactive approach to managing our account helps us avoid potential reputation bottlenecks by troubleshooting and suggesting solutions before anything major happens. As a result, we’ve never had any major issues with our email deliverability. There’s simply no other solution like SendGrid. — Matthew Swanson

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SendGrid is a must have for every SaaS app. Without SendGrid, we would have spent unnecessary time and money building and maintaining our own email infrastructure. Now we can focus on building a better product knowing that our email will reach our customers. When contemplating whether to “build or buy,” consider SendGrid. — Deven Patel

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In order optimize the speed and reliability of our cloud emailing functionality we needed a tool that could send out mass email reliably from the cloud servers but did not have time to develop our tool. SendGrid made it easy to extend our offering by providing us with the advanced mailing capabilities and analytics we needed on a client-by client basis. This increased efficiency allows the team to remain focused on our customers and provides opportunities for us to add value throughout the client engagement. — Danny Bluestone

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