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Happy Grasshopper

Happy Grasshopper is an automated email marketing platform that enables its clients to convert more leads, gain more referrals, and meet customer recruiting goals through an optimized email follow-up process. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner since its founding in 2010, Happy Grasshopper has used SendGrid to deliver email nurture and new customer acquisition campaigns on behalf of thousands of clients in the US and Canada. Download the Happy Grasshopper case study to learn how Happy Grasshopper optimized its email program over time by leveraging SendGrid Expert Services.

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Our application requires that email gets delivered 100% of the time. We used to spend a few hours per week focused on managing our ESP and on peripheral tasks around server maintenance to ensure delivery. Now we spend none. In fact, email delivery and maintenance is completely off our plate. With SendGrid, email is now something we take for granted. — Ross Eltherington

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For VivaReal, SendGrid is to email what Google is to search. You expect it to work and just don’t have to think about it. SendGrid is like that. It just works. You don’t have to waste your time talking everyday to the support team. With SendGrid, we can worry about our business and not worry about email. It’s an amazing tool. — Juliana Lima

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Our entire application sits on top of SendGrid and they are doing an exceptional job of managing our email infrastructure and delivery needs. Since switching to SendGrid, performance has been outstanding, plus they have an entire team dedicated to email; expertise we couldn’t afford to staff in our organization. With SendGrid, we can focus on our core product because we know that once we hand it off to SendGrid, the process will be flawless and our emails will get delivered. — Paul Reinarz

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