MySmartPrice is an India-based startup with the goal of providing the best online shopping research and product discovery platform. Founded in 2010, MySmartPrice serves 11 million unique visitors and receives over 20 million monthly website visits. Since email is critical for maintaining long-term customer engagement, MySmartPrice built a custom email management tool on top of SendGrid’s delivery engine, allowing them to achieve whatever capabilities their business requires. To learn more about MySmartPrice’s custom email tool, download the MySmartPrice case study. — Arun Chinnachamy

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Happy Grasshopper

Happy Grasshopper is an automated email marketing platform that enables its clients to convert more leads, gain more referrals, and meet customer recruiting goals through an optimized email follow-up process. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner since its founding in 2010, Happy Grasshopper has used SendGrid to deliver email nurture and new customer acquisition campaigns on behalf of thousands of clients in the US and Canada. Download the Happy Grasshopper case study to learn how Happy Grasshopper optimized its email program over time by leveraging SendGrid Expert Services.

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Free Logo Services

Email operations is integral to the success of our business, but it’s not an area in which we want to dedicate an extraordinary amount of time, money and resources. My previous experience with the challenges of managing in — house servers and deliverability highlighted the need to employ outsourced mail services focused solely on the delivery of our messages right from the start. With SendGrid, we found a solution that provides us with the tools and services we need so we can focus on growing the business without distraction. — Craig Bloem

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SendGrid took the weight off of our team of developers so they could concentrate on building out the platform rather than on email deliverability. Plus, the support team is always responsive and knowledgeable about email. Two years later, SendGrid continues to provide immense value for us. It’s a great service at a really great price. — Matt Brown

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With reward fulfillment as an integral part of our business, we wanted to make sure our emails were going out in a timely manner and were being received. SendGrid was able to meet all of our requirements and we were able to see the results. — Anjanette Hill-Mendoza

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We could build our own email infrastructure, but why? SendGrid provides us with a really great tool that has effectively transformed our email program. Their webhooks, APIs, and overall platform saved us a great deal of time and money. They helped us improve our reputation and resolved our past delivery issues earning us a delivery rate of 99%. Plus, their responsiveness to our needs and questions has made SendGrid a strong ally for the HiringThing team. — Seth MacPherson

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