MySmartPrice is an India-based startup with the goal of providing the best online shopping research and product discovery platform. Founded in 2010, MySmartPrice serves 11 million unique visitors and receives over 20 million monthly website visits. Since email is critical for maintaining long-term customer engagement, MySmartPrice built a custom email management tool on top of SendGrid’s delivery engine, allowing them to achieve whatever capabilities their business requires. To learn more about MySmartPrice’s custom email tool, download the MySmartPrice case study. — Arun Chinnachamy

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Our goal was to find a trustworthy email service. Our experience has shown that SendGrid is a very reliable platform that eliminates all the inherent problems that come with sending email. It’s been over three years now, and SendGrid’s competitive pricing and quality service has convinced us to stick with SendGrid as our company continues to grow and expand. — Mike Polis

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