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Strava is the premier social fitness app that tracks running and cycling activities so that you can keep record of runs and bike rides, compete with friends and other users, and see what your favorite athletes are doing. They began sending transactional email through SendGrid in 2011. Since then, they’ve scaled exponentially, and they continue to use SendGrid’s cloud platform to communicate with their users about different Strava Features. Learn more about Strava’s email program, their Email Marketing Manager, and the specific emails they send through SendGrid by downloading the Strava Case Study above. — Justin Fritz

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Before SendGrid, we were relying on archaic tools to track and send emails to our 500,000 subscriber base. Plagued by delivery issues, email throttling prevented us from sending our email in a timely fashion, which made it difficult to time our promotions to drive revenue. With SendGrid, email delivery is flawless. Emails get inboxed within an hour and we can easily track the effectiveness of our campaigns. Our click through rates are between 10-12% and we can directly track £1,000,000 of annual revenue from our daily retail newsletter deployed through SendGrid. — Dave Stott

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Overglowing, LLC


Email drives our business. We’re asking our customers to trust the most the important day of their lives to us. Therefore, we have to make sure every one of our paperless invitations makes it to the inbox. Prior to using SendGrid’s platform, 30% of our emails went undelivered. Now, SendGrid’s platform and team of experts have helped us achieve a 99% delivery rate for our paperless invitations. Given these results, this is truly a match made in heaven between Glö and SendGrid. — Taryn Westberg

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NudgeMail Email Deliverability

Reminders will always be at the core of our business, but we ultimately want to help people organize every part of their digital workflow. We didn’t want to require the user to download something, create an account, choose username, or remember a password to use NudgeMail. User expectations for email are set to ‘Immediate.’ Email reminders cannot get lost, or be delayed. For our small team, a third-party email management and delivery system made the most sense. We did a good amount of research, But ultimately, SendGrid was the solution that was most recommended by our colleagues and developers. SendGrid has allowed us to be almost entirely hands-off when managing the ins and outs of our email traffic. — Jeremy Toeman

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