Real Estate Email Template

Realtors need to establish a high level of trust with potential homebuyers, and that’s what this real estate email template sets out to do. This clean real estate email template design communicates professionality and reliability from top to bottom with bold color blocks and intentional white space.

Take advantage of the front-and-center hero image at the top to feature your best real estate images. From there, give your readers the highest priority news to get them excited about the home-buying process. You can provide all the information you’d like in this newsletter or keep it short and sweet and link out to more substantial blog posts on your website to go into more detail. 

Change up the colors with your branding, but keep the bold contrast between the different sections. Using a light color next to a dark color makes both sections pop, improving readability for your recipients.

Real Estate Email Template Tips & Tricks 

Tip #1: Use photo-editing software like Canva or PicMonkey to create the perfect-sized, branded images for your email newsletters.

Tip #2: Less is more. While it’s tempting to list all your accomplishments and services, keep it simple. Focus on your high-priority items to give them more substantial weight.

Let your brand shine in your emails

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