Fundraising Email Template

Share your mission with the world using this free email template designed with nonprofits in mind. 

It contains copy sections where you can explain what you do, why you need support, and the impact your work has. There are also spaces to add images to further inspire recipients and the customizable call to action buttons offer a seamless way for recipients to support your mission.

This free template is fully customizable, so you can update it with your organization’s brand colors, logo, and font so it looks like you created it from scratch. Plus, the responsive design means it will look great on any device.


Nonprofit Email Template Tips & Tricks:

Tip #1: Send follow-up emails to engaged contacts to remind them about the cause or thank them for donations. 

Tip #2: Set goals for your email campaigns (open rates, clicks, conversions) so you can measure your progress over time.

Learn more about metrics that matter.

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