Email Blast Fitness Template

This free email template gives you space at the top to write the main message of the email. The first CTA fits nicely above the fold of your email, so your recipients can take action without needing to scroll.

The two-column layout of this downloadable template gives you the opportunity to add visuals of your employees, products, or fitness classes alongside written descriptions. 

To make it easier for your recipients to click through to your website, include links in the subheadings for each section. This way your recipients can click into the “Yoga” section and see all of the available yoga classes. 

Email Blast Fitness Template Tips & Tricks

Tip #1: Before you send an email blast, ensure the content is valuable to all of your subscribers. 

Tip #2: Consider segmenting your list to provide targeted, personalized messages to your recipients.

Blast Off Email Tips

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