Forrester Consulting Study - Elevate Your Email Marketing with a Customized Approach

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In this May 2017 SendGrid-commissioned study, Forrester Consulting evaluates the adoption of custom campaign management tools, and the challenges, successes, and opportunities that exist for firms looking to create personalized digital conversations that strengthen the relationship between brand and customer.


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What's inside?

  • Marketers struggle to foster customer relationships - 82% of businesses use email to deliver their marketing messages but many marketers aren’t optimizing their campaigns to create personalized customer experiences.

  • Data challenges inhibit better personalization in email marketing - Only 37% of businesses say that personalized content is fully integrated into their email systems, which impedes one-to-one, personalized, customer communication.

  • Custom email solutions enrich the entire customer lifecycle - Companies that have adopted at least one custom campaign management tool are far more likely to send emails linked to customer behavior and preferences.