Announcing Virtual Event Planning 101

Announcing Virtual Event Planning 101

As the world continues to navigate working virtually and at home, virtual events are now the norm. Whether you’re navigating daily meetings or large-scale conferences, knowing how to produce effective and engaging virtual events is essential. 

Digital connection between people is important now more than ever, both inside your business and out. Our new resource, Virtual Event Planning 101, is here to guide you through every aspect of event planning in the digital age.

Virtual events lend hosts a flexibility that in-person events do not often have, and help give more equitable access to information. Removing the confines of physical venues allows new freedom to invite folks across different time zones as well as allowing for playback and streaming opportunities. 

Planning an effective virtual event doesn’t have to be rocket science. This guide includes best practice tips from some of Twilio SendGrid’s virtual event planning experts. In this guide, you will:
      • Review virtual event software and platforms
      • Learn to mitigate risk
      • Understand best practices for virtual event promotion
      • Learn how to evaluate success
Check out Virtual Event Planning 101 and start producing effective events today.

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