SendGrid for New Relic

Access your email statistics via the New Relic Dashboard.

In less than 5 minutes your statistics should be sent to your New Relic Dashboard. We send statistics to New Relic every 5 minutes for users with the setting enabled.


Settings may be changed through:

If you would like get your statistics in the New Relic Dashboard, you need to provide us your New Relic license key.

This can be found by accessing the SendGrid's Plugin page on New Relic or from the Account Settings Page.

In the New Relic settings you can enable the statistics for your subusers.

You will receive statistics only for 100 subusers

After you have entered your settings and saved them, enable the app.

New Relic Dashboard

Go on New Relic site and there you will find the SendGrid extension on the left menu. After clicking on 'SendGrid' extension, a SendGrid instance will be displayed and if you activated the subuser options beneath the statistics of the primary account will be the statistics for subusers.

Click on one of the instances and there you will see the statistics in 3 categories: Deliveries, Engagement, and Compliance. Also on the right side you can see metrics in percentages.

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