Marketing Campaigns Statistics

This page refers to the new Marketing Campaigns product. If you’re using legacy Marketing Campaigns, your workflow will be a little different and your screen won’t look the same as the screenshots.

With Marketing Campaigns email statistics, you can unlock the full potential with the right data at your fingertips. Use your data to guide you to the right strategy. Get insights about both marketing and transactional email for a 360-degree understand of your audience’s experience. Finally, use your data to brings results to life and share your performance with teammates and stakeholders.

Viewing Single Send or Automation Statistics

Once you send a Single Send or set an Automation live, you can view related statistics.

  1. Navigate to the Single Send or Automation you want to view the statistics for.
  2. Click the name of the Single Send or Automation to view the statistics.

From the statistics page, you will be able to see your bounces, clicks, opens, etc.

Want deeper data and insights? With SendGrid Email Insights Reports, you’ll get access to more data about your email performance plus customized insights from a deliverability consultant.

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