Analyzing the performance of your Ads campaign

Ads is currently in closed beta. During beta, only approved participants have access to the feature. Functionality and performance might not be working quite like we want it to and we reserve the right to change the functionality at any time without warning. For more information on the Ads beta, or to join the beta waitlist, see our Ads Solution Page.

View Overall Ad Campaign Statistics

Once you launch an Ads campaign, you can view your ad performance by Campaign, Goal, or Channels. You can view overall campaign statistics by Total Impressions, Total Clicks, Total Click Through Rate, and Total Estimated Cost. You can view campaign statistics over time.

To optimize your view into your campaign analytics, we highly recommend that you take the time to install the Twilio SendGrid Pixel BEFORE running your first campaign. This will give you the ability to associate users with website activity, purchase events, and lead events. You can also use this data to send targeted campaigns to your known users based on specific events.

View Statistics by Campaign

By campaign, you view Impressions, Clicks, Revenue, Estimated Cost, Cost Per Click (CPC), and Click Through Rate (CTR).

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