Using SendGrid with BriteVerify

Creating a new API Key

To use BriteVerify to verify your SendGrid list, you will need to generate an API Key within SendGrid.

The SendGrid-generated key is generated and visible only once, so be sure to copy the API Key somewhere safe for future reference.

API Keys in this tutorial are hidden for security purposes.

To get started, open the BriteVerify app and click Import List and then click SendGrid. The app triggers the prompt to input the SendGrid API key. This authentication is required only once to link the 2 applications.

To generate the SendGrid API key, log into your SendGrid account. On the left side of the screen, click Settings and then click API Keys.

On the API Keys page, click Create API Key and then click General API Key.

Here you will be able to name your API Key and set up the relevant permissions.

To allow BriteVerify to work with your SendGrid list, make the following changes to your permissions:

  • Email Activity – should have “read” access
  • Stats – should have “read” access
  • Suppressions – should have “full” access
  • Marketing Campaigns – should have “full” access

When you are finished, click Save to generate your API Key.

Remember to store this key somewhere safe because you will not be able to retrieve or restore it once you navigate away from this page.

Copy the key then paste it in the textbox in the Briteverify app. Make sure that there are no additional spaces when pasting the key. If the key is entered incorrectly, an error requesting you to review the info displays.

Once the correct API Key is provided, the applications sync, and you may now verify your SendGrid data.

For more information or support contact BriteVerify

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