Template Engine gives you unmatched simplicity, flexibility and control in the management of your email content and design. Get your Templates out of your app and instead let your app leverage our Template Engine!

First Step: Create a Template

Templates and Versions work harmoniously together to allow you to easily and quickly iterate. Each version can have its own unique name, content and subject. Template Engine allows you to insert and edit HTML and Inline CSS visually or with a code editor, and supports plain-text content as well!

Second Step: Integrate With Your App

Talk to your development team about integrating your new Template(s) with your application. They can read more about how to integrate templates by checking out our Template Engine API Reference docs.

Third Step: Replacement Tags

You’ll notice two replacement tags in the Template Engine Editor, <%subject%> and <%body%>. These both allow us to pass variable information through the template to your recipient. The tags hold the dynamic content that is being passed through our API.

Final Step: Active/Inactive States

A Template can only have one active Version at a time. If you’ve created a new Version with different HTML that you want your customers to start receiving, you’ll need to make that Version “Active”.

Start Now!

Start using our Template Engine now by creating your first Template!