The SendGrid User Guide will give you information about the different user interfaces within the SendGrid UI. As changes and new features are added to our UI, we will update the User Guide to reflect them.

Open Source

All of the SendGrid documentation, including the User Guide is open source via our SendGrid Docs GitHub repository. The site is built using other Open Source tools such as Ruby, Jekyll, jQuery, Bootstrap, Bower, YUI tools, and other Open Source libraries.

Make Changes

If you find something that needs to be updated or added, please feel free to suggest a change to these pages via the “View and Edit” link at the top of the page, or you can log into (or create) a GitHub account, click the edit pencil on the page, and then submit the change to us. We will reply quickly and if your change is accepted, we will send you a “thank you” gift for your changes.

If you would prefer not to make changes, but would like to let us know about something, please use the feedback buttons on the bottom of the page you’re looking at.

Give Feedback

On every page within the User Guide, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and give us feedback. If the page is helpful, please let us know! If the page isn’t helpful, is missing something, or could use some more explanation, please let us know that as well. Our goal is to make your experience with SendGrid as smooth as possible and to provide more information than we hope any user will ever need about how to use SendGrid.