Parent accounts will see aggregated stats for their account and all subuser accounts. Subuser accounts will only see their own stats.

The mailbox provider statistics highlights how your mail performs across all the major providers, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, and others. The list of available providers is based on your recipient interaction with your emails. As you send mail and your recipient list diversifies, you will start to see more providers in the list.

The actual statistics included vary depending upon your account settings. Emails sent, bounces and spam reports will always get tracked. Unsubscribes, clicks, and opens require that the associated settings are enabled.

You can change which metrics, date, or grouping by adjusting the statistics filters.


The figures table gives you all of the specific counts or percentages of each event, according to how you’ve grouped your stats (day, week, or month). For example, if you wanted to see what percentage of the emails you sent were actually opened on the second week of April, this is a great place to check.

This table will refresh with new or adjusted data based on the various filters available at the top of the page. You can also choose to show actual counts or percentages, by clicking the corresponding button above and to the right of the table.

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