SendGrid allows you to configure and control everything about your SendGrid account. All of the settings that you can manage through the User Interface can also be managed through the API v3.

Account Details

Your basic account details for username, password, email address, and business address details.

Alert Settings

Receive alerts about your account and your SendGrid behavior via email.

API Keys

Create and manage your API Keys, which allow you to use SendGrid from your application or website.

Plan & Billing Details

Manage your payment details, invoices, and package.

Inbound Parse

Process incoming email with the Inbound Parse Webhook and POSTs parsed data to a URL that you choose.

Mail Settings

Control how SendGrid filters and processes your emails as they go out to your recipients.

MultiFactor Authentication

Restrict access to your account using Multiple Factor Authentication.


Create and manage Teammates to give your employees and coworkers access to the same account.

Partner Settings

Control settings for SendGrid partner services.

Subuser Settings

Create and manage subusers to segment your email sending and have different settings for your segments.

Tracking Settings

Control how your emails and your recipient email interaction behaviors are tracked within SendGrid.

Whitelabel Settings

Send all your emails from your domain and remove the “via” message from your emails.