SendGrid for iPhone Subuser Management

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This view will only be available in the app if you are on a Pro 100k or higher plan and have created one or more subusers.

Here you can view your current subusers and also “impersonate” them, allowing you to view the app as though you logged in as that subuser.

The app currently only displays a maximum of 10 subusers. If you have more than 10 subusers, you can pull down and search for the username of a specific subuser that is not listed.

Once you select a subuser, you’ll be presented with a summary of the account’s performance. You can then click the “Impersonate User” button to log in as that subuser and view their apps. When impersonating a subuser, you’ll find a message in the banner at the top of the page that says “You’re currently logged in as [subuser name].” You can switch back to your parent account by clicking the “Back to Parent Account” link on the left side of the banner at the top of the SendGrid UI.

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