Marketing Campaigns templates determine how the content of your campaign will be built and displayed to your recipients. Templates also serve as a quick starting point for future campaigns by saving you time from having to rebuild your campaign’s layout. Consequently, templates allow you to reuse content and maintain brand consistency across all of your campaign efforts.

We provide a collection of pre-built, responsive templates that you may begin using and customizing immediately, or you can create your own template from scratch.

To view your templates, click Marketing Campaigns in the left hand navigation menu and select Templates.

Create New Template

To create a new template from scratch, click the Create New Template button. This will take you to the design editor with a blank template that you can build and customize to suit your needs.

View all Templates

To find the Marketing Campaigns templates page, click Marketing Campaigns in the left hand navigation menu and select Templates.

Here you will find a list of all templates available to you, including both pre-built templates created by SendGrid and any templates you might have created yourself.


You can filter which templates are displayed on the templates page by selecting either All, Custom, or SendGrid Templates under Filter By.

  • All - this will include every template available to you.
  • Custom - this includes only templates that you have created.
  • SendGrid Templates - this includes all templates pre-built by SendGrid.

Responsive templates dynamically scale and adjust depending on what device your recipient is using to view your campaign.

You may hover over any of these template tiles and click Preview to view a quick preview of what your campaign will look like.

To toggle between a preview of the desktop and mobile renditions of the template, click the desktop/phone toggle in the upper right corner.

Action Cog

Use the action cog next to each template tile to access the different actions you can perform on a template.

Create campaign

You can create or add up to 300 different templates.

You can create a new campaign based on a template by clicking Create Campaign in the action cog menu. This will open the campaign editor and automatically insert the template you selected. To learn more about creating campaigns, click here.


To duplicate a template, simply click Duplicate from the action cog menu. This will create a duplicate of your template, and will automatically open that duplicate in the design editor. For more information about the design editor, click here.