Legacy Newsletter is now retired. As a safety net, you may retrieve data for a short grace period. Please act now to download your data or migrate any assets to Marketing Campaigns.

For assistance please contact our support team. Login to see your contact options.

Download Images From Legacy Newsletter

Begin by navigating to Legacy Newsletter.

Go to Marketing Email and click Manage.

Next, hover your cursor over any newsletter that you have used in the past. It doesn’t matter what status the newsletter is in. Click Edit.

Ensure that you are on the Design step and scroll down until you see the Image Library in the right hand sidebar.

Right click on each image in the library that you want to migrate to Marketing Campaigns and click “Save as…”

Name your image and click Save.

Upload Images to Marketing Campaigns

From the Legacy Newsletter dashboard, navigate back to Marketing Campaigns by clicking your account name in the upper right hand corner and selecting Account Overview.

Under Marketing Campaigns in the left hand sidebar, select Templates.

Click Create New Template.

Once you are in the Design Editor, click the image icon in the toolbar. From the modal window that opens, click the Upload button to select the images you wish to upload to the Marketing Campaigns image library.

Alternatively, you can click the green + button and either click the grey box to upload your images, or drag and drop your images into the gray box.

You can select multiple images to upload at once.

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