Legacy Newsletter is now retired. As a safety net, you may retrieve data for a short grace period. Please act now to download your data or migrate any assets to Marketing Campaigns.

For assistance please contact our support team. Login to see your contact options.

Migrating Your Content

Marketing Campaigns offers a library of responsive templates as well as an easy-to-use campaign builder. However, if you have templates in Legacy Newsletter that you’d like to reuse in Marketing Campaigns, here’s a step-by-step migration guide.

Migrating Your Images

The Marketing Campaigns image library makes it easy to upload and manage your images. Here you can learn how to seamlessly migrate your images from Legacy Newsletter to Marketing Campaigns.

Migrating Your Recipient Lists

Moving your Legacy Newsletter recipients to the Marketing Campaigns platform is an important part of the migration process. Here you will find detailed step-by-step instructions explaining exactly how to migrate your recipients.

Migrating Your Unsubscribes

To continue to seamlessly honor the subscription preferences of your recipients as you migrate from Legacy Newsletter to Marketing Campaigns, you’ll need to manually migrate your Legacy Newsletter unsubscribes. Here you will find instructions on how to migrate these subscription preferences.

Downloading Historical Statistics

Before you complete the migration process, you may want to save your historical statistics from Legacy Newsletter. Here you will find a quick guide explaining how to download and store these statistics for future reference.

Additional Resources