Moving from Legacy Newsletter to Marketing Campaigns

Migration to Marketing Campaigns is not automatic. We’ve built a robust toolkit to help make the manual migration steps fast and simple. This high-level checklist is part of the toolkit and is designed to help you think through important considerations as you make the move to Marketing Campaigns.

1. Familiarize yourself with Marketing Campaigns. As an incentive to try it out, you can store up to 2,000 contacts for free!

  ❏ Review the comprehensive side-by-side comparison of Legacy Newsletter vs. Marketing Campaigns.

  ❏ Watch this video for an introduction to Marketing Campaigns.

  ❏ Learn about Marketing Campaigns segmentation capabilities.

  ❏ Learn about Marketing Campaigns’ new and improved campaign building workflow and editor.

  ❏ Practice by creating a test campaign and sending it to yourself.

2. If you used Legacy Newsletter between 1 August 2016 and 30 March 2017, when you switch to Marketing Campaigns, you can [choose how you’d like to pay]( You can continue to pay per email sent or you can choose to pay per contact you store in Marketing Campaigns.

  ❏ Estimate your per-email vs. per-contact cost using the Marketing Campaigns pricing page.

3. Do you need to migrate existing contact lists? Learn about migrating your contacts.

  ❏ Consider which of your contact lists you’d like to migrate. You may wish to use this opportunity to remove old or non-responsive contacts.

  ❏ Consider how you might segment your contacts and send more targeted, relevant campaigns.

  ❏ Review the Contact Migration Guide for step-by-step instructions for moving your contacts into Marketing Campaigns.

  ❏ IMPORTANT! You may have invalid or unsubscribed emails. If you do, ensure you migrate them. Review Migrating Your Unsubscribes for detailed instructions.

4. Do you have a favorite email template you want to keep using? Learn about migrating your templates.

  ❏ Review the Migrating Your Content article for details.

  ❏ Consider starting fresh by customizing one of SendGrid’s responsive templates and using the enhanced campaign editor.

5. Do you have images, like a logo, that you want to keep for use in future campaigns? Learn about migrating your images.

  ❏ Review the Migrating Your Content article.

  ❏ Review the Migrating Your Images article.

6. Do you have campaign statistics you’d like to keep for future reference? Learn about serving your campaign statistics.

  ❏ Consider what key metrics and benchmarks are meaningful to your email marketing strategy.

  ❏ Review the side-by-side comparison of statistics in Legacy Newsletter vs. Marketing Campaigns.

  ❏ Review the Archiving Legacy Newsletter Statistics article.

7. Do you have any API integrations that you need to migrate?

If you are using the Legacy Newsletter API then we recommend that you migrate your integration to our Marketing Campaigns API, the email marketing component of our v3 RESTful Web API. For help with migrating your integration, please refer our API comparison.

  ❏ Migrate your Legacy Newsletter Content to Marketing Campaigns..

  ❏ Migrate your Legacy Newsletter Recipient Lists to Marketing Campaigns.

  ❏ Migrate your Legacy Newsletter Unsubscribes to Marketing Campaigns.

  ❏ Download your Legacy Newsletter Statistics via the API.