Highlighted Improvements

  • Each recipient email is treated as a unique contact; an update made to this unique contact will populate across any lists or segments that include the contact
  • Leverage custom fields for segmentation
  • Improved visibility into individual contact profiles
  • Improved subscription preferences and unsubscribe management
Legacy NewsletterMarketing Campaigns
  • Not available
Segmentation - NEW
  • Create dynamic segments of your recipients based on one or many of the following:
    • Custom fields (such as geography or birthday)
    • Recipient engagement with prior campaigns
Subscription Management
  • List-based unsubscribe or suppression management
  • Requires senders to ensure recipients who have opted out of a list are removed from all relevant mail
Subscription Management
  • Subscription preference manager (Unsubscribe Groups) allows recipients to easily opt out of (or back into) different types of email - NEW
  • Integrated unsubscribe management captures and tracks contact preferences over time at the account level
  • Improved ease of CAN-SPAM and CASL compliance for unsubscribe and spam reports - NEW
  • Custom unsubscribe management (use your own system) - NEW
Adding Contacts
  • Upload CSV or TXT file
  • Manual entry (with custom fields)
  • Email API
  • CSV Import via External URL
  • All of these options can be used to add to existing lists as well as create new lists
Adding Conctacts
  • Upload CSV file
  • Manual Entry (wihtout custom fields)
  • Store up to 100 lists and up to 100 segments
  • Contacts API - NEW
  • Add to “all contacts” or to new or existing static lists - NEW
  • Contacts will automatically be added to any segments whose parameters they meet; for example “women in California” - NEW
Custom Tags
  • Leverage for personalization via substitution within email content
  • Limit of 465 custom tags per account
Custom Fields
  • Leverage for personalized content within emails as well as dynamic segmentation - NEW
  • Text, date, and number fields enable conditional statements for segmentation such as “contains”, “is before”, or “is greater than” - NEW
  • Limit of 60 custom fields per account
Managing Contacts
  • Contact details (e.g. name, birthday, etc.) are updated when a new CSV is uploaded
  • Individual contacts can be deleted from, copied to, or moved between different lists
  • Individual lists can be exported, updated, edited, cloned, and deleted
  • Subscription management and stats reporting for individual lists
Managing Contacts
  • Contact details (e.g. name, birthday, etc.) are dynamically updated across all instances when a new CSV is uploaded, a contact is added manually, or contact data is updated via the Contacts API - NEW
  • Search all contacts for a particular email address or part of an email address (e.g. name, domain, etc.) - NEW
  • View and edit individual contact details (including custom field data, associated lists, date last updated, engagement data, etc.) - NEW
  • Filter and edit customer data in-app using contact profile pages - NEW
  • Export, edit, view, delete contact lists and segments - NEW
Email Signup Tools
  • Basic javascript widget that can only be styled/modifed using HTML/CSS - BETA
Email Signup Tools
  • Integrations with best-in-class signup tool providers: Privy, JustUno, and WisePops - NEW
  • WordPress Plugin Subscription Widget - NEW
    • Capture first name, last name, and email address
    • Built-in opt-in confirmation
    • Add signups to specific lists within Marketing Campaigns
    • Style without HTML/CSS expertise