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The Marketing Email Dashboard lets you view information regarding your sent and pending marketing emails. On the dashboard you can see:

  • Chart with statistics for the last sent marketing email
  • Chart with statistics for all of your marketing emails
  • Chart with recipient list progressions over time
  • Recent marketing email drafts with the option to resume composition
  • Quick links to all major modules
  • Latest entries from live Blog and Twitter account

On the dashboard page there are three charts: One for recipient list progressions over time, one for the statistics of the last sent marketing email and another one for the overall statistics of your marketing emails.

The dashboard page’s default display is a chart of the last sent marketing email’s statistics. Above that chart we have two tabs which give us the possibility to select between a view of “Global Marketing Email Stats” and “Latest Marketing Email Stats”. When clicking the “Global Marketing Email Stats” tab, a chart for the overall statistics will be displayed. When clicking “Latest Marketing Email Stats”, the statistics for the last sent marketing email will appear.

Under these charts we have a legend containing two links: one that allows us to “Display by percentage” and another one that gives us the possibility to display the actual figures for our marketing email statistics.

There are also many different email stats available to you throughout SendGrid’s Marketing Email application. Below are a list of stats and clarification of what they mean:

Parameter Meaning
Requests Requests
Delivered Delivered/Requests
Opens Total Opens/Delivered (Open Rate)
Unique Opens Unique Opens/Delivered
Clicks Total Clicks/Delivered
Unique Clicks Unique Clicks/Delivered
CTR Unique Clicks/Unique Opens
TCTR Total Clicks/Total Opens
Spam Reports Spam Reports/Delivered
Repeat Spam Reports Repeat Spam Reports/Delivered
Blocked Blocked/Requests
Unsubscribes Unsubscribes/Delivered (Opt Out Rate)
Bounces Bounces/Requests
Repeat Bounces Repeat Bounces/Requests
Invalid Emails Invalid/Requests