Legacy Newsletter is being retired 9/30/17.
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Starting from your newsletter dashboard, you’ll see your global newsletter stats. This graph is showing how all of your newsletters are being received by all of your recipient lists. It’s a global view of all of the sending that you’ve done through this application.

To see the stats from a specific newsletter, select this button Email Marketing Stats on the right-hand side, and choose the desired newsletter.

Here, you’ll have access to:

Email Marketing Stats Dashboard

You can learn more about each of these statistics here.

You can also view the statistics for your newsletters by going to Marketing Email > Manage. Here you’ll see a quick preview of many of the metrics that you would look at to see how your newsletter is performing: sent, opens, unique opens, open rate, total clicks, CTR, opt-out/unsubscribe rate, and spam reports.

Email Marketing Stats preview

Here you will also be able to see statistics by recipient list for that newsletter.

Email Marketing Stats by recipient list

Finally, if you would like to download or print these statistics, you may do so directly from your newsletter dashboard, at the top left corner.

Check out the Marketing Statistics VidGrid for more information.