When you get an email like this, it means that our system noticed that your deliverability rates (delivered events / processed events) have dropped, or that you received complaints (spam reports) from you clients.

Don’t worry though, this is simply a precautionary warning. No need to be alarmed!

What should you do?

  • Check your email activity: You should take a close look at your recent email activity logs by using the Stats Dashboard. There, you would have to check your Bounce / Spam Report / Invalid Email Rates. All of these could affect your reputation as a sender.

  • How to resolve the problem:

    • Remove the bounces / spam reports / invalid emails from your mailing lists : It is important that you remove these kind of addresses, to avoid sending emails to them again, and further damage your reputation. A nifty tool that can help you a lot with this is List Assist. A video tutorial of the List Assist tool can be found here.
    • Monitor your stats: check your email activity stats regularly, making sure that you do not get bounces / spam reports events at all. When you do see such an event, make sure that you check out the Email Activity page, and see exactly what went wrong with specific emails. Setting up a Stats Notification alert from your Alert Settings page of your account can save you a lot of trouble, as we can automatically provide you details about your email activity at your desired frequency, via email.

Do we have any kind of threshold at which the accounts get suspended?

Although some settings have been made in our server for this, we cannot disclose that information as it is part of our secret sauce.

I did all the things that have been asked from me, but I still got suspended.

In this situation you most probably received an email already from our Compliance & Abuse team. Please reply to that email in order to get in touch with them and have things cleared out, and re-activate your account. More information about suspended accounts can be found here.

Happy sending!