Much like meeting someone new for the first time, first impressions can make a huge difference in email. Welcome emails allow you to really hit it off with new subscribers. Because your welcome email is the beginning of your relationship with your subscriber, it is likely one of the most important messages you will send to them. A great welcome email should have a friendly tone, clear branding, set up future email expectations, and encourage users to engage with your product or service. Make sure to include any unsubscribe, website, customer service, and preference center links you may have.

If you are using confirmed opt-in, your welcome messages should be sent immediately after your new recipient confirms their email address. If you are not using traditional confirmed opt in, you can use your welcome letter and/or welcome series to determine whether or not you want to continue sending to a particular address. For example: If someone fails to engage with any of the first seven message you send to them, remove them from your active mailing list or send them a winback email.