List segmentation refers to the practice of customizing a larger master address list into smaller sub-lists categorized based on certain criteria with the goal of enhancing the level of email customization for your recipients. This allows you to gain more analytical insight to a specific campaign’s performance or isolate the deliverability impact among different campaigns.

You might like to segment your address list based on the campaigns you are running. This is a good practice if you are sending a mix of transactional/confirmation, notification, and newsletter emails to your users. Some of your users may want to opt-out of notifications or newsletters while still receiving more important transactional/confirmation emails.

Another criteria for list segmentation is segregation by address acquisition time. Segmenting your list in this manner is helpful in personalizing your email campaigns. It can be helpful to have a list regarding recipients that you have not interacted with in a while (4 months or more). This list can be used for “win back” campaigns. A good example of a campaign like this is as follows:

Also, it is wise to segregate these sublists so that each are sending on different IPs. For example, it is common to set up transactional/confirmation emails on a separate IP than your marketing emails as these are more prone to being responded to as spam or causing the recipient “email fatigue”. The reason for this is to protect the deliverability of your important emails from the potential harm due to the complaints from your more potentially risky marketing campaigns (or any other type of email that could cause “email fatigue” for the recipient). An old list that you may use for a win back campaign might have a lot of bounces and email addresses that are now invalid. Separating this campaign from your other email with a separate IP protects your other IPs reputation and deliverability.

You may want to target different email campaigns according to engagement. If you have gone into your apps, and are a silver plan or higher, you can enable click and open tracking. You may wish to segment those who have interacted with your email and invite them to special webinars or events.

List segmentation is a great tool that can be used to power your email campaigns as well as protect your reputation as a sender. Happy sending!