Every subscriber is different. Some recipients may find weekly coupons conducive while others may only wish to receive a monthly newsletter. By giving your subscribers complete control over what they want to receive, you can greatly reduce the risk of sending messages recipients may not wish to receive.

An email preference center allows subscribers to choose what kind of messages they want to subscribe to and when they would like to receive those messages. Examples of preference center parameters include:

  • How often a subscriber is sent mail
  • Which mail streams they wish to receive
  • Whether or not they wish to receive website notifications.

Implementing a preference center improves your ISP reputation as your messages would only be sent to subscribers who are interested in receiving it and will most likely engage with it.

Preference centers show that you want your subscribers to have the best email experience possible. They also give you valuable information about your subscribers that you can use to better target them with future messages. Having a preference center is essential to creating a great email program.

You can begin implementing these features by using SendGrid’s Unsubscribe Groups functionality. Unsubscribe Groups allow your recipients to specify which specific types of emails they would like to stop receiving. When you send an email with an Unsubscribe Group specified, the recipient will be provided with two links: one link to unsubscribe from that group of emails, and another link to their Recipient Subscription Preferences. This page is an example of the type of “preference center” described above and is a good start to giving your recipients more control over what email they receive.