The new tab system within Gmail has offered its users the ability to further segment their inboxes based on five types of messages: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. In particular, the Promotions tab has been a popular topic of discussion with our customers.

There are two important factors to remember when sending to Gmail users:

  1. This tab system is just a segmented way to view the inbox within Gmail. A user who does not have tabs enabled will see your messages in their inbox as normal. Emails that end up in the Promotions tab are not being filtered like a message that ends up in a spam folder, they are just being assigned to a different section of that recipient’s inbox.
  2. Messages that are sent to multiple recipients, especially those that include special offers or time-sensitive deals, are much more likely to end up in the Promotions tab. This is what the Promotions tab was designed for, and ultimately your recipients control which messages end up in that tab versus their Primary tab.

Check out this in-depth blog post to see how each of these tabs functions. There are also some useful tips on how to achieve delivery to the Primary tab.