The last thing you want are subscribers feeling like they’re just another address on your list. By personalizing content and rewarding engagement you’ll show your subscribers that you really care about them.

Individualized message content is the most ideal form of email personalization. A personalized message will contain content that is specifically tailored to each recipient. The easiest way to accomplish this is to collect data about your subscriber’s activity on your website. Make sure to capture what articles or products they’ve viewed, what items they have in their cart, and what email content they’ve engaged the most with. Use this data to understand exactly what products or content each of your subscribers are the most interested in. Once you have an understanding of what each of your subscribers interact with, you can create messages with dynamic content based around each recipient’s interests.

While this may seem like a lot of initial work, personalized emails generate more return on your investment. Sending messages tailored specifically to each subscriber ensures you’re not wasting emails sending content your recipients aren’t interested in receiving. You also show ISPs that you care about building a personalized relationship with your subscribers, which helps build your email reputation.