What is it?

SendGrid’s OEM process allows customers to use SendGrid’s service to send email on behalf of your customers, and can also include direct sending for your own business.

Typically this is achieved by utilizing our subuser functionality, where you create a parent account and then separate your customers into subusers: child accounts that belong to (and live within) a parent account. Subusers have their own permissions and sending limits, which you assign as you create them. For most customers who are sending email on behalf of their customers as an OEM, it’s a great way to separate their users’ data. It also gives you the ability to authenticate a domain for each of your customers, effectively masking SendGrid as the delivery engine for the end recipient, and you as the account owner if you choose.

Why It Matters

All SendGrid Pro and Premier level accounts have the ability to create subusers, but the number of potential subaccounts is initially capped at 15.

To become a SendGrid OEM customer, please fill out this form to contact our Customer Success team.

NOTE: You are responsible for the sending practices of your customers using the SendGrid service on your account. This also applies to mitigations, content, delisting requests, support, and education for your clients. If you engage in direct sending of emails to your customers, you will also be responsible for your content and sending/data collection practices.