Marketing Campaigns is SendGrid’s flexible email marketing solution that allows you to create beautiful, targeted campaigns. Built on SendGrid’s proven email deliverability platform, Marketing Campaigns provides powerful dynamic segmentation, flexible campaign building workflows, and version testing. After you have created and sent a campaign, make sure to take advantage of the collected engagement, deliverability, and performance statistics to gain insight into how you can optimize your next campaign.

This page provides links to all of SendGrid’s Marketing Campaigns documentation. You will find everything from instructional User Guides, step-by-step tutorials, troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and definitions of common terms and abbreviations.

Table of Contents

Common Terms and Abbreviations

Here are some common terms and abbreviations used in Marketing Campaigns, or general email marketing discussions.

Marketing Campaigns Introduction

Introductory information to help you get started using Marketing Campaigns right away. You will find answers to common questions, an explanation of how you will be billed for Marketing Campaigns, and other additional resources for new users.

Marketing Campaigns User Guide

Complete user guide for Marketing Campaigns. You will find detailed descriptions of all of Marketing Campaign’s features, along with tutorials and instructions for how to leverage Marketing Campaigns.

Deliverability Best Practices

Even if you have the perfect list of contacts to send your campaign to, there are still many other ways that your campaign could end up in the spam folder. Following is a list of articles dedicated to email deliverability as it relates to Marketing Campaigns: from brand consistency to navigating spam-traps.

Common Deliverability Terms

Deliverability Best Practices


Having trouble getting your CSV uploaded? Are your custom fields not working the way you expected? Look below for some possible solutions.

Statistics and Tracking

Marketing Campaigns provides an advanced and powerful set of tools dedicated to collecting and reviewing statistics. Analyzing your deliverability and engagement metrics is key to optimizing your campaigns.


If you are migrating to Marketing Campaigns from SendGrid’s Legacy Newsletter, we recommend referring to our Migration Toolkit. Here you will find a complete set of step-by-step tutorials, video tutorials, side-by-side feature comparisons, and other resources to help ensure that your transition to Marketing Campaigns is smooth and seamless.

Marketing Campaigns Recipient Unsubscribes

Maintaining a healthy list of engaged and interested contacts is critical to the success of your email marketing program. Part of that process includes making it easy for your contacts to unsubscribe to email that they no longer want to receive.