If you are on a Pro plan or higher, you have access to create subusers. Subusers act as standalone accounts that share the parent account’s credits. This allows for stats tracking that is specific to those subusers as well as unique credentials to access each subuser. This is useful for multiple integrations and is a great option to keep your transactional and marketing emails separate. To setup a subuser, navigate to the Subuser Management page to get started.

The default limit for subusers is 15. If you need to add more subusers, you can learn more about it here.

Alternatively, if you would like others to be able to access your primary account without disclosing your primary credentials, you can create multiple user credentials. This option is located under Credentials within your Settings. This is useful if you would like to grant access to another team member or department for the the purposes of reading stats, accessing the UI, and/or sending mail using the primary account.