There are a few ways to create multiple user credentials for your sub-users.

  1. Login directly as the sub-user. Click on account settings, then Manage Multiple User Credentials and add your new MUC. You will not be able to add a going through Subuser Management. You need to login directly as a sub-user.

Here is a helpful video and link to the docs page. Click here

  1. You can use Web-API calls. Click here

  2. Use this cURL command;

curl -X “POST” “” \

-F "api_user=parent_username" \
    -F "api_key=parent_password" \
    -F "user=subuser_username"
    -F "username=new_subuser_credential_username" \
    -F "password=new_subuser_credential_password" \
    -F "permissions={\"email\": 1, \"web\": 1, \"api\": 1}"