Add automatic subscription management links to the bottom of emails. SendGrid will keep track of these unsubscribes and ensure these users don’t get future emails from the sender.

You can customize the text attached to emails and customize the landing page. The links will look something like the following, though can be configured in whatever fashion suits your needs:


If you would like to customize your links, create a CNAME that points to and fill out the Whitelabel setting (available for Silver accounts and higher) in your account.

API Settings

Subscription tracking requires either text/html and text/plain OR replace. If replace is included, text/html and text/plain will not be honored.

App Name Setting Field Required Description
subscriptiontrack enable YES 0 to disable, 1 to enable
text/html YES\* String for the HTML e-mail body
text/plain YES\* String for the plain text e-mail body
replace YES\* a tag that can be added to the content that will be replaced by SendGrid with the subscription management link, e.g. [unsubscribe_tag]

Settings may be changed through: