The Open Tracking app adds an invisible image at the end of the email which can track e-mail opens. If the email recipient has images enabled on the email client, a request to server for the invisible image is executed and an open event is logged. These Events are logged in your Statistics portal, the Email Activity interface, and are reported by the Event Webhook. You can enable this app through the web interface by navigating to “Apps” (from top nav when logged in to your account) > “Show Disabled Apps” > “Enable” (button seen below)

When using this service customers often ask the difference between a unique open versus an open. A unique open is logged only the first time a given recipient opens the email whereas normal opens are logged for all opens of the email in question.


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As open tracking adds an “invisible” image at the end of emails, it is recommended that your email includes a visible image, as it can be confusing to users when their mail client asks them to load images, and apparently none load.

Settings may be changed through: