Following are brief descriptions of the various API calls needed to manage your Customer Subusers, click the API call name for further details:

Customer Subuser Account Limits

Throttle your customer when you need them to send only a specific amount of emails at a specified interval.

Customer Subuser Apps

Setup Customers Subuser Apps.

Customer Subuser Bounces

Manage your Customer Subusers’ Bounce records.

Customer Subuser Invalid Emails

Manage your Customer Subusers’ Invalid Email records.

Customer Subuser Unsubscribes

Manage your Customer Subusers’ the Unsubscribe records.

Customer Subuser Spam Reports

Manage your Customer Subusers’ Spam Report records.

Customer Subuser Statistics

Statistics regarding your Customer Subusers.

Customer Subuser Event Notification URL

Manage Customer Subusers’ event notification url.

Customer Subuser Monitor Outgoing Email

Receive a sample of an outgoing message by a specific Customer Subuser.

Customer Subuser Parse Settings

Manage Customer Subusers’ Parse Settings.

Customer Subuser Timezone

Manage Customer Subusers’ Timezone Settings.