This feature is deprecated, please go to the Version 2 Customer Subuser API page.

Customer Subuser Management API

Customer Subuser API v1 is only available for customers who integrated SendGrid into their application before v2 of the API was released. If you are new to SendGrid, please use v2 of this API. Following are brief descriptions of the various API calls needed to manage your subusers, click the API call name for further details:
Email List Management
Manage bounce records of your subusers
Manage unsubscribes of your subusers
Spam Reports
Manage spam reports of your subusers
Invalid Emails
Manage invalid emails of your subusers
Account Limits
Manage the rate of emails your subusers are able to send
Event Notification URL
Manage subusers event notification url
Authenticate A Subuser
Check subusers password with our system to see if its valid