Following are brief descriptions of the various API calls needed to manage your subusers, click the API call name for further details:

Subuser Management

Retrieve/Create/Enable/Disable your subusers. Change a subuser email address and username

Account Limits

Manage the rate of emails your subusers are able to send

Filter / Apps

Setup subusers app settings

IP Management

List all IP addresses you have under your account and retrieve details about them


Manage whitelabel settings for your subusers

Monitor Records

Make sure your subusers aren’t sending out spam by getting a sample of their outgoing messages


Statistics regarding your subusers


Manage bounce records of your subusers

Invalid Emails

Manage invalid emails of your subusers

Spam Reports

Manage spam reports of your subusers


Manage unsubscribes of your subusers

Parse Settings

Setup subusers parse settings

Authenticate A Subuser

Check subusers password with our system to see if its valid